Our Massage Offerings

One of the latest offerings that we have in our spa is the Hot Stone Treatment which is a favorite of one of our regular customers and alternative supplier at the same time, consultant for our heaters, Glasgow Boiler Installations! They are popular for Boiler Installation in Glasgow and they are also experts in Central Heating. We’ve been happy with their work and coordination has been very easy. They’ve helped us in ensuring that all the equipment are working at its best. Aside from the hot stone treatment, we also have other types of massages that we offer.

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Solar Heating and Boilers From Afar!

This week we added both solar thermal and solar electric panels to the property to help us in our aim towards being a more eco-friendly house and business. We had the work carried out by our new good friends from Renfrewshire, Scotland. Paul and James and their families came to visit for a week and carried out the installation work in exchange for a weeks stay and spa treatments. Paul and James run Paisley Boiler Installations near Glasgow and after some friends introduced us a few months back we got to talking and hatched the plan to upgrade our heating in the villa. We bought the panels and the other equipment and the guys came and installed it all.

All thanks to Paisley Boiler Installations, Renfrew, Scotland. Paul and James are both head engineers at the company and are both qualified as Gas Safe in the UK and qualified as commercial boiler fitters in both the UK and Spain. (Talk about getting lucky meeting this company!!)

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