Our Massage Offerings

One of the latest offerings that we have in our spa is the Hot Stone Treatment which is a favorite of one of our regular customers and alternative supplier at the same time, consultant for our heaters, Glasgow Boiler Installations! They are popular for Boiler Installation in Glasgow and they are also experts in Central Heating. We’ve been happy with their work and coordination has been very easy. They’ve helped us in ensuring that all the equipment are working at its best. Aside from the hot stone treatment, we also have other types of massages that we offer.

SWEDISH – This one is my favorite. This is the typical massage, usually requires at least an hour. The therapist can focus on specific muscle strain, if you have any, you just have to point which area. Generally, this relieves stress and removes strain and you will feel more relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

AROMATHERAPY – This is best for both men and women. The primary benefit of this massage is decreasing stress and relieving muscle pain and muscle strain. What is different here is that the therapist will use special essential oils which will give additional comfort.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – This type of massage is more intense and may help alleviate pain and help treat imbalance.

SPORTS MASSAGE – This type of massage is good for those who have physical injuries. If you are inclined in sports, this could also help your performance and flexibility.

REFLEXOLOGY – Here. you can keep your clothes on. This massage just targets your pressure points.

SHIATSU – This type of massage is longer and this will really work your body. It helps lessen anxiety and depression and can give you more calmness.

THAI – This is also one of my favorites! I personally experienced this in Thailand and I shared this to our staff. It boosts your energy and endurance. It really relieves stress also!

The bottom line is that Massage is good for mental health. It relieves stress and improves over-all mood. You need this once a month to really improve your over-all wellness. If you are worried about the prices, well do not! We offer the best spa prices with the best quality massage. We also serve complimentary tea!

We also offer spa packages and we have special promotions for special events. For the spa packages, we offer group massage good for 5-10 persons and our usual customers for this are those having a bridal shower party. It can also be applicable for a company wellness event! For special promotions, we usually have something for couples during Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also have heated rooms if you wish to have a great sauna experience! Our therapists are well trained so guarantee you a great massage experience that you will surely love!

Massage appointments are scheduled 2 days before your preferred date. If you wish to schedule a massage with us, kindly fill out the needed information in our contacts page and we will be very happy to assist you!